about us

kgs loves archiving and represents pure, stable software. Since its founding in 2000 and today with headquarters in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main, top companies the world over place their trust in kgs as a digital archive specialist. kgs lives tia® because intelligent solutions are more than just a performance promise. kgs feels: #funfastfocus

KGS Software GmbH with headquarters in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main, has been the digital archive specialist for top global companies for over 20 years. Data and documents from SAP as well as documents from other leading applications are migrated and archived using efficient, lean software. Under the brand "tia®" – the intelligent archive – kgs has been uniting all product modules into one common vision of the intelligent document archive since 2020. tia® signifies autonomous archiving, can be connected to any applications, storage solutions and cloud technologies and provides companies with the single point of truth (SPoT) for accessing documents. Since 2005, kgs has been certifying ArchiveLink® and ILM interfaces for SAP worldwide and is a global SAP Value Added Solutions Partner.

The only duty we have to history is to rewrite it" Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900). As a software company, our clock is turning faster. We reinvent ourselves every day and you can see that.

Since March 2021, the new kgs logo and the accompanying complete corporate design also visualise the new kgs world. Our motto: Focus. We focus daily on the best possible performance for our customers and our product world has the intelligent archiving solution absolutely in focus. #funfastfocus